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The relationship of India and South Africa reached to a new height in recent times

Ramaphosa's visit to India

Bengaluru, Feb 13 (UITV) - Since 1997 the relationship between India and South Africa has been strengthened through the Red Fort Declaration of 1997 and the Tshwane Declaration of 2006. Again India-Africa Summit in 2008 has further underscored the desire of the two sides.

41 African countries have been taken part in the third India-Africa Forum Summit, which was held in Delhi, 2016. Recently, Cyril Ramaphosa's (President of South Africa) visit to India has paved the way towards three-year strategic engagement to boost security and defense cooperation.

To understand each others’ army functioning, South African National Defense Force will participate in the first Multinational India-Africa Field Training Exercise at Pune in March this year.

Through Make in India Initiative, South African defense industry came forward to work with India for manufacturing of defense hardware.

Both countries have set a target of doubling bilateral trade and investment to $20-billion by 2021 in 2016. Over 150 Indian companies have invested in South Africa and over 29 South African companies have invested in different sectors of the Indian economy.

There are lot of sectors in which both countries can help each other, close ties will result in the development of both countries.