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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to address Indian-Americans rally in New Jersey

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

Washington, Oct 15 (UITV)- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will address Indian-Americans at a charity event organized for Hindu victims of terrorism in New Jersey.

The event organized by the Republican Hindu Coalition offered its keynote address to Trump, who accepted the offer a month ago. “Humanity United Against Terror” is scheduled to start at noon at the Expo Centre. Trump is scheduled to take the stage for the keynote address at 7:45 pm, according to the Republican Hindu Coalition.

In a short video message last month, confirming his attendance to the event, Mr Trump said the Hindu community had made fantastic contributions to world civilization and to American culture.

The event is also unusual because the Indian American community overwhelmingly leans Democratic, with 70 percent planning to vote for Hillary Clinton compared with 7 percent to Trump, according to the most recent polls. But some Trump supporters are working to improve those numbers, arguing that business-minded and socially conservative Indian Americans are a natural fit for the Republican candidate.

This is for the first time in the last two presidential elections that a presidential candidate would be making an appearance at an Indian-American event.

With Bollywood-style entertainment and Indian celebrity guest appearances, the spectacle will provide welcome optics for a campaign that he provoked almost nothing but backlash from minority voters. Mr Trump decision is seen as an attempt to woo the small but powerful Indian-American community who can play a key role in some of the battle ground states if the race is close.