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Rome, the Eternal City, the beautiful capital of Italy


ITALY, DEC 31, (UITV): Rome is the capital of Italy and also called as the Eternal City. This beautiful town boasts an ancient history long more than two and a half thousand years, stately buildings of the past, monuments of the greatest Italian artists of all times and countless masterpieces in terms of art, architecture and culture, as well as a unique aura. So it is why Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world.

During the splendid era of the Roman Empire, it was said that "all the streets of the world lead to Rome". (and even today we say so). In fact, Rome has been the first multicultural and cosmopolitan city on Earth, from which all the other main cities in Europe had taken inspiration. Today maybe it is hard to believe that this impressive and lively city with its 2.9 million of residents is the result of a small rural settlement on the Palatine Hill, born by a she-wolf who fed two baby humans according to the famous legend.

Rome has preserved all the glories of its past, therefore, there are countless unique attractions, monuments, churches and things that can't be neglected while visiting this city and now we'll attempt to assist you discover the foremost important ones. Vatican City, which may be a fully independent and sovereign state but geographically it's located within the town of Rome. during this article, you'll examine Vatican City and its many priceless treasures and museums from the Sistine Chapel then on.

The main symbol of Rome, (and the whole country), the Coliseum (Colosseo in Italian) is a majestic work of art. With its real name of Anfiteatro Flavio, it was completed in 80 A.D. at the request of Emperor Vespasian as an arena where thousands of people could enjoy the fights between animals and gladiators.

Wanted by Marcus Agrippa and rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian, Pantheon may be a breathtaking masterpiece. it had been built as a temple dedicated to all or any the Roman gods, and it's now the memorial monuments of the Italian kingdom, where you'll find the rests of the Italian kings and queens, but also of Raphael. the most feature of the building is its rounded shape with a gorgeous cupola. the large hole at the highest of the dome, called oculus, is that the only source of sunshine that illuminates the inside of Pantheon.