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A Roti Merchant for attacked in Mauritius, gets a hit on the head!

A merchant, Vishu was attacked with Swords by his neighbors, for which he underwent surgery on his head

Mauritius. JAN 17. UITV. Sad early year for Vishnu, 58, a roti merchant of his state. He was assaulted by his neighbor with swords and underwent surgery. The reason behind this aggression: the two neighbors are in bad shape.

"I was returning to my home in Beau Bassin around 5 pm on January 4th with my wife and two children when my neighbor insulted us," says Vishnu. The latter adds that he tried to make his neighbor listen to reason, but this had the effect of irritating him more. "Mo pa atan li pran ene sab li vini and don mwa ene kou lor mo latet," he says.

The blow was so violent that Vishnu flowed into a pool of blood. In the meantime, the police in Beau-Bassin were alerted by the victim's wife. Vishnu is rushed to the Dr. AG Jeetoo Hospital by the police. He is admitted and spends two days under medical observation before undergoing surgery. "Mo fine out lopital ar 10 pwin lor mo latet", fulminates Vishnu. He subsequently lodged a complaint for premeditated aggression.

According to the victim's wife, the police arrested and then released the neighbor on parole during the night of the assault. On 5 January, when she went to the hospital to visit her husband, the alleged perpetrator began insulting her again. A relative of the suspect slapped her while another threatened her with death, according to the wife.

"Zot fine kumans laguer ar mwa akoz mo missie fine met zot lapolis," said the latter. She also filed a complaint at Beau Bassin police station for assault and death threats. At the police level, the investigation is continuing.