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Salina Turda, a massive underground salt mine

Salina Turda, Romania

Turda, Jan 15 (UITV) - A salt mine in Romania has been attracting millions of visitors since 1992, it is located in the Cluj County. It is one of  "25 hidden gems around the world that are worth the trek".


Extraction of salt was started very long ago, It was first mentioned in 1075. Currently, it is serving as modern art theme park nestled 120 meters below the surface of the Earth inside one of the oldest salt mines ever known.

Rudolf Mine

Underground lake, a Ferris wheel, spa treatment rooms with natural aerosols, bowling alley, mini-golf, sports field, table tennis, pool tables are present to offer entertainment to tourists.

Pathway to inside

Salina Turda has health benefits, large numbers of people take part in the treatment for allergies and asthma that uses the ionized air, pressure and humidity of the caves.

The Ferris wheel

The result of mining that carved out over three billion tons of salt has made such a beautiful place.  Iosif Mine (Hall of Echoes), due to its shape it became interesting room, visitors enjoy impressive acoustics there. So, Its a best place to visit when you are in Romania.


Video courtesy - Youtube (Wonder World)