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Sanibel Island At A Glance

This place in the United States attracts a lot of tourists

United States, April 4 (Uitv) - Sanibel is a city on Sanibel Island in southwest Florida. It’s known for beaches filled with shells that wash ashore from the Gulf of Mexico. Lighthouse Beach has a fishing pier, the towering, 19th-century Sanibel Lighthouse and a boardwalk winding through marshes.

At roughly 15 miles long and 5 miles across at its widest, Sanibel Island’s small size belies its rich and intriguing history, abundant flora & fauna, plentiful stretches of exquisite beaches, and the depth of the culture & hospitality of its residents.

Sanibel offers plenty of activities and diversions off the beach as well as on.
Sanibel Island offers all of the modern conveniences that most vacationers have come to expect, but has tempered its growth by clearly placing quality offerings above quantity.

Nature tours, bike and Segway rentals, golfing, tennis, cinema and even an old schoolhouse theater are available for your entertainment.

Everyone and everything on Sanibel Island is a welcoming reminder of just how serene, relaxing and satisfying that existing in harmony with nature can be.

Due to the island’s east-west orientation, Sanibel Island is the perfect sift for the Gulf tides and over 250 types of shells.

The name “Sanibel” stems from “Santa Isybella” the name given the island by Ponce de Leon

Breathtaking sunsets and playful dolphins contribute to the excitement of boating tours, and the beautiful waters of the island offer some of the finest fishing in the world. 

Spend a quiet afternoon shell-collecting, or find a hotel with a kids' program so you can enjoy a trip to the spa or a round of golf.

This beautiful barrier island is the perfect beach escape: scout for seashells along the porcelain sand, spot night herons, anhinga and alligators at JN 'Ding' Darling National Wildlife Refuge, and dine on delicious fresh seafood at one of the quaint beach-shacks. 

Things To Do on Sanibel Island:

  • Sanibel public library
  • JN ‘Ding’ Darling National Wildlife Refuge
  • Sanibel and Captiva chamber of commerce and visitors center
  • Sanibel Island Farmer’s market
  • Sanibel Causeway
  • Bowman’s Beach
  • Blind Pass Beach
  • Sanibel Island Lighthouse

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