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Santorini-The Dreamiest 3 Days Of Your Life

Image source: https://www.kivotoshotels.com/santorini/sailing-yacht-in-santorini/

Leaving a spot on your bucket list for a visit to Santorini is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. With such undeniable natural beauty and profound levels of subtle pampering, you can’t go wrong with a Santorini getaway, even if it’s just for a few short days.

The energy circling the Queen of the Cyclades, the extraordinary topography, the unbeatable whitewashed architecture, and the serene vibes will help you ground yourself, find your centre again, and recharge with romance, tranquillity, and peacefulness the way they are supposed to be experienced. Below are our suggestions for a 3-day Santorini escapade so you get the most out of this fabulous, almost hypnotising, Greek island.

Day 1: Visiting Fira via a heart-stopping volcano tour

The island’s capital is definitely a great place to start exploring this magnificent Greek speck in the Mediterranean. Besides the vibrancy exuded from every cobbled street and square of this beautiful Cycladic town, Fira is also home to an impressive shopping scene and an animated nightlife, with lots of cafes, restaurants, and bars to please you with refreshing cocktails, delicious flavours, and incredible panoramas. Not to mention the picturesque views of the archipelago and, of course, the imposing Caldera.

Speaking of the island’s turbulent past, the volcano is living proof that we can, indeed, be reborn from our ashes, given that Santorini was nearly wiped off the face of the Earth after a massive volcanic eruption that covered everything with lava and ash.


  • Before you leave, turn around to face the Aegean Sea and be prepared for one of the most stunning and magical sunsets of your life!
  • While around Fira, a volcano tour will get you closer to the volcano crater, and sights like the Hot Springs with the healing waters.

Day 2: Exploring the volcanic shores adorning the coastline

The beaches are a stand-alone pole of attraction for Santorini visitors, due to their peculiarity and uniqueness. Reshaped after the catastrophic volcanic eruption that took place at around 1600 BCE, they invite you to a memorable Day 2 of your Santorini ventures. Now, this could be part of a yacht or catamaran cruise or a tour where a private driver (or you, if you don’t mind driving) takes you to the charming Red Beach, Black Beach, White Beach, or another shore that’s laid with red, white, or black volcanic sand.

Time to relax and chill with nothing but the sound of the waves disturbing the soothing quietness, especially if you have visited Kamari and/or Perissa beaches (also great for families with children).

Now, if you love water sports, we suggest Perivolos Beach, as it offers exciting jet ski rides. To end this fantastic day, you could dine at Ammoudi Bay or head back to your Imerovigli (probably the most quaint Santorini town) luxury hotel suite and enjoy a mouth-watering meal overlooking the Mediterranean Sea as the sun slides behind the horizon, giving a spectacular light show that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Tip: If you have time, the ancient Akrotiri settlement opens the doors to a breath-taking time travel, demonstrating the island’s wealthy past and pioneering technologies. Did you think that Santorini was linked to the lost Atlantis for no good reason!  

Day 3: Wine tasting

Santorini’s wines are globally acclaimed and loaded with international awards for their unique aromas and flavours. The very volcanic soils that almost caused the island’s destruction in its entirety are the reason why the local wines are so special. This is why a wine-tasting tour is an excellent way to close a 3-day stay at Santorini! Some of the most renowned wineries are Venetsanos Winery and Santo Wines, where you can spoil yourself with palate-pleasing wines, a hearty dinner, and amazing Caldera and sunset views.

You may also combine a wine-tasting tour with some carefree time at a black sand beach or an evening outing at a dining venue serving traditional Santorian food and good spirits. And, do consider ending the last day of your short getaway with a romantic walk on Kamari Beach or Eros beach on horseback!

Don’t hesitate to ask for more, even if this is only a 72-hour glimpse of the iconic Cycladic island. This is Santorini, after all – the land where no dreams or desires are left unfulfilled!