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The Scenic area of Stone Forest in Shilin County, Southwest China's Yunnan

Stone Forest

CHINA, JULY 30,(UITV): The Stone Forest is one of the world 's most amazing natural creations. It is just southeast of Kunming in Shilin County. It is only a three to four  hour drive from Kunming. The Stone Forest is made up of countless awesome natural rock formations that will truly shock your mind. This natural sight is said to have begun taking shape about 270 million years ago in the Carboniferous Period. The area is believed to have been originally under the ocean. With eons of movement of the earth crust the area rose and broke through. The limestone left behind went through sun, rain, wind, and earthquakes and finally developed into the beautiful Stone Forest we see today.  It is 350 square kilometers (135 square miles) and boasts many different areas each with its own special features and it also include the Major Stone Forest, Minor Stone Forest, Naigu Stone Forest, Subterranean Stone Forest, Strange Wind Cave, Long Lake, and Dadie Waterfall.


Main Attractions: Stone Forest can be separated into eight districts, and at present, open tour districts are Stone Forest Scenic Area, Naigu Stone Forest Scenic Area, Feilong Waterfall Forest Scenic Area and Chang Lake Forest Scenic Area. Stone Forest Scenic Area is the area which is  full of scenic spot, and most famous attractions are located here, including Major Stone Forest, Minor Stone Forest, Bushao Hill, Lizi Yuanqing, and Eternal Mushroom.

Best season to visit: Best time to visit is from March to October. Most cultural festivals are happens during this time, and travelers can also enjoy various flowers during this time. Stone Forest is situated in the subtropical humid monsoon climate zone, and it features in continental monsoon climate. Here temperature is all time moderate.