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Seychelles to recognize Indian contributions by placing monument of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi
Seychelles, Oct 19 (UITV)- The Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange said that the government of Seychelles recognizes the important contributions that the great Indian statesman, politician, and leader of the country’s independence movement, Mahatma Gandhi, and is planning to place his monument in an approved location in the Seychelles capital of Victoria. The announcement was made by minister during the launch of the fourth Seychelles-India Day celebrations at the International Conference Centre of Seychelles. Many members of the diplomatic corps, principal secretaries and chief executives of various departments were present during the ceremony, including former President Sir James Mancham and Indian High Commissioner to Seychelles Sanjay Panda. Minister St.Ange also thanked the Indian community in Seychelles for their contribution made in society and in helping to build the nation. He said that Indian has become a good source market for Seychelles and work will continue to ensure that we do increase the number of visitors hailing from this part of the world. On his part, Indian High Commissioner to Seychelles Sanjay Panda said he is happy to hear that a monument of one of the world’s greatest leaders will be placed in Victoria. He added that the Seychelles-India Day showcases not only the culture of India but its various colors, sights and sounds. The chairperson of the Seychelles-India Day committee Ramu Pillay thanked the government of Seychelles for firstly adding the Seychelles-India Day on the national calendar of events and for helping to make the Seychelles-India Day a successful national event.