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Shein.com temporarily closes down in India due to custom issue

Shein.com has shut off their operations for Indian customers temporarily

Mumbai, july 06 (UITV): Shein.com has shut off their operations for Indian customers for the time being. The Chinese e-commerce firm has partially shut down due to customs clearance issue regarding import duty on its products. So there are considerable chances orders made by customers would get canceled or you will be issued a refund by the online fashion store.

Almost ten days after it faced seizure from Mumbai Customs department, Chinese e-commerce firm Shein appears to relatively closed down its operations due to customs clearance issue for import on products.

Customers who attempted ordering from the portal did get out of stock message for most of the products. While the ones somehow who managed to order got a message that there is no definite release date for the product due to customs clearance issue resulting in the cancellation of the order, said a source report.

Shein’s web portal and mobile app are still functional. It has displayed a message reading “We are improving our systems for up to date experience, with new looks and thrilling offers. Request you to hold back for some time while watching this space for more!”.

However, Shein has not made any official declaration regarding the closing down of its operation. Entrackr queries to Shein did not give a prompt response until the publication of this report.
Last month, Mumbai custom department had grabbed about 500 parcels of Chinese lifestyle e-tailer and shut its warehouse in the city.

The action ensued after the Indian govt found more than a dozen firms contributing much lesser customs duties and routing orders through duty-free gifts and samples. As per customs official, Chinese e-tailers have constantly been getting goods in the guise of gifts as reported. They are shipping goods ordered by Indians to many cities declaring them as gifts.

As per an estimation, around 150K-200K orders were placed every day through Chinese e-commerce platforms in India which dodged any form of taxes. At present, the govt excuses items valued up to Rs 5,000 from all taxes to allow NRIs to send gifts to families.

In December last year, the Mumbai customs department had noticed several consignments of goods in the appearance of gifts. It also found address used in most cases as false. Backing the incident, the govt had stopped the import of goods through Mumbai. It is also considering to force a similar clampdown on ports in Chennai and Kolkatta.