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Siblings got married to obtain Australian visa

Brother-sister forged identity documents of their cousin

Chandigarh, 2 Feb (UITV) - People might have heard of contract marriages to get visa, but marriage of siblings would be unaware. This strange fraud took place in Bathinda District, Punjab (India).

Both brother and sister forged documents of their cousin to get the identity; brother is already a permanent resident of Australia.  Bank account, a passport and other identity documents have been forged with Cousin's name.

Duo's cousin approached Ballianwala police in Punjab to report about the deceit which happened to her. FIR has been filed against family members of Siblings (including them).  Inspector Singh who came to know about this matter was shocked.

The duo got a marriage certificate from a Gurdwara and it was registered in the sub-registrar's office.

Whole family is on run, Police carrying out raids to find about family members. Till now, whereabouts of family are unknown.

164 spouse visa applications have been refused by Australian Border Force as they were found to be linked to the fake marriage syndicate.

IELTS brides are famous in Punjab who would use IELTS as tool to migrate to developed English speaking countries. IELTS is an English language test to secure admission in a course in these countries, IELTS brides go for contract marriage with a man who would pay them for a visa. Their contract marriages are resulting in domestic violence.

Fake-marriage visa scams are becoming common now-a-days, even though Australian High Commission in India has already issued a warning to Indians against fake marriage scams after facing same type of scam in last November.