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Sikh man shot dead in Afghanistan, triggered massive protest by community

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Peshawar, Oct 3 (UITV)- A Sikh Man, Sardar Rawail Singh, was abducted from his home in Jalalabad early in the morning yesterday and gunned down by suspected militants in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province bordering Pakistan, a media report said on Sunday.

The incident triggered a massive protest by the minority Sikh community who staged a demonstration by placing the body of Mr. Singh in front of the provincial governor’s house in Jalalabad and demanded the arrest of the killers as soon as possible. The deputy governor Mohammad Hanif Gardiwal met the protesting Sikhs to pacify them.

Rawinder, one of the protesters, said Singh had a dispute with his neighbor on Friday after he invited his friends for a party at his home, and his neighbor objected. Next morning, the neighbor came along with some gunmen and abducted Mr Singh from his home before killing him.

Darbhajan, a friend of Mr Singh, said the minority community’s “homes are being occupied, we are threatened and our friend was mercilessly killed but no one came to our help.”