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Singapore Supermarket Apologizes for beef ad during diwali

Beef ad during diwali

Singapore, Nov 3 (UITV)- Cold chain was the name of the supermarket in Singapore, which gave a discount on the sale of beef, on the eve of Diwali. But today they apologized as it was insensitive to Hindus in Singapore.

Singapore’s oldest supermarket chain Cold storage has many sub-divisions in Malaysia and Indonesia, they definitely didn’t wanted to bring their brand value in the market and later go for a economic slump.

He said on Monday ““Cold Storage’s #deepavali promotion was on beef!!! Cultural understanding eh?” Adding to that he said that the photo was taken from a friend. A public holiday was given on October 29, Saturday, as Hindus in Singapore celebrate Diwali in exuberant fashion with lights, sweet shops, banners, hording displayed across the streets and Indian Diaspora having a penchant for eateries, motels and hotels.

In a statement giving to the Straits Times, a Singapore local newspapers, today – Cold storage told the reports that the promotional banner was put up a new entrant in the store, who had no knowledge and had “overcooked the cultural and religious sensitivity”  

They added “Serious action will be taken on the issue and will be made sure that such sensitivities are handles properly next time”.  This sudden response from cold storage came in the after-math of the incident, cause they didn’t wanted their brand image to go down in the market.

The supervisor at Cold Storage went on and I quote “he has assured us that he had no intentions to hurt the Hindus” The team at Cold Storage even took the important chance to coach themselves about the happenings in the market and also the cultural sensitivities in Singapore.

Cold Storage sincerely apologized to all Hindus, who were celebrated Deepavali on this excruciating incident that happened. Did cold storage do all this because it had a pretty good brand value in the market? If you closely analyze, YES they did. Who will forgo a rich heritage and history of over 100 years in Singapore and few stores in Malaysia and Indonesia, for a horrific accident conducted by scumbag?

Listen to that answer which your mind saying now!