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Six Indian-Americans among Crain’s New York ’40 under 40’ list

Payal Kadakia

New York, July 5 (UITV)- Six Indian-Americans were recently named to the 40 Under 40 Class of 2016 by Crain’s New York Business magazine.

The recognized were Nisha Agarwal, commissioner in the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs; Payal Kadakia, ClassPass founser; Kal Vepuri, founder and chairman of Brainchild; Miki Agarwal, Thinx, CEO and co-founser; Gurinder Sangha, founder of Intelligize and Lit IQ and Sarita James, Embark chief executive.

After graduating from Harvard Law School, daughter of Indian immigrants Nisha Agarwal worked with the US Court of Appeals judge to establish the Immigrant Justice Corps, a nonprofit that recruited lawyers to offer free legal representation to immigrants.

From that time Nisha Agarwal has dedicated her career to ending the prejudice faced by new comers to the United States.

Payal Kadakia started her business with $250,000 from friends and family, and has raised $84 million from venture capital firms in the past two years. Her company, ClassPass, offers subscribers the option to go to any class without having to take on expensive annual memberships. In last three years, more than 8,000 studios have signed on to the site in 39 markets, including Australia and England.

After graduating from Duke in 2003, with a triple major in electrical engineering, computer science and economics, he sold enough spectrums to begin his life as an angel investor.

In 2009, Kal Vepuri, founded Brainchild as a holding company and base of operations, and made significant investment in about 100 companies.

In 2012, Miki Agarwal, her twin sister Radha and a friend, Antonia Dunbar, co-founded Thinx Inc., which seeks to profit from making inopportune bodily functions convenient and comfortable while breaking taboos about discussing them.

In 2007, Gurinder Sangha quit his job as a fourth-year associate at White & Case to work on making Securities and Exchange Commission filing more digitally searchable. Sangha’s latest venture is a legal tech startup, Lit IQ, which seek to protect lawyers from themselves by scanning legal documents for ambiguous language and suggesting alternatives. He raised nearly $675,000 from angel investors in 2015.