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Skills Measured by Cisco 350-401 Exam and How Practice Tests Are Helpful When Preparing

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When Cisco restructured its training and certifications, it was an indication of a revolutionary way of doing things in the sphere of technology. With all the specific variants of the CCNA and most of the Cisco CCIE 350-401 ENCOR Exam Dumps credentials being replaced, it has now become easier to become Cisco certified. Candidates can opt for the newly introduced badges & exams that will equip you with the required skills to perform your work duties according to the new technologies evolving. So, this post is about newly introduced Cisco exam 350-401 by code. Its aim is to show you which skills will be measured by this test and how you can acquire them.

Cisco Exam 350-401

Test 350-401 ENCOR stands for ‘Implementing Cisco Network Technologies’ and lasts for 120 minutes. Four credentials are targeted by this assessment, and they include:

●    CCNP Enterprise
To get the CCNP Enterprise credential, you need to pass 350-401 core exam, and one other from a group of six referred to as concentration tests. The six are Cisco exams with the codes ExamSnap Cisco CCIE 350-401 ENCOR Real Questions.

●    CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure credential requires two tests. The first one is 350-401, and the second one is the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 lab exam that runs for 8 hours.

●    CCIE Enterprise Wireless
For the CCIE Enterprise Wireless badge, candidates must take a qualifying assessment 350-401 and a CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0 lab test. The lab test usually lasts for 8 hours.

●    Cisco Certified Specialist
To get this badge you only have to go through one exam to your liking, which will prove your knowledge of one technical domain you are interested in. If you pass 350-401 exam and will demonstrate a solid knowledge of network enterprise technologies, then the Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Core badge will be awarded to you.

Depending on the specific exam delivery, you will meet questions spanning across different topics. There are six topics that offer general guidelines regarding the content that the main test might include. However, different assessment deliveries may vary in what is covered. For the clarity of the probable exam questions, we’ll bring you the skills covered by exam 350-401 next.

Cisco 350-401 Skills Measured

The Cisco 350-401 topics and their details for the exam are as covered below:
●    Dual stack architecture
This includes learning various design principles utilized in a business enterprise, differentiating the on-premises as well as the cloud architecture environments, and knowledge of the principles that govern the working solutions for SD-WAN. Also, domains included in this part are wired and wireless QoS concepts and the switching mechanisms for software and hardware.

●    Virtualization
This topic requires you to describe technologies for device virtualization, and demonstrate your capability in configuring and verifying virtualization technologies for the data path. You should also be able to describe concepts for network virtualization.

●    Infrastructure
For honing this area of expertise, proficiency in Layer 2, Layer 3, and wireless devices is necessary. You also must be knowledgeable about IP services if your resolution is to pass 350-401 exam with flying colours.

●    Network assurance
Some of the skills targeted by the network assurance domain include diagnosing network issues using tools like debugs, trace routes, conditional debugs, and syslog. Configuring and verifying device monitoring, NetFlow as well as Flexible NetFlow, IPSLA, and SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN are also part of it.

●    Security
This 350-401 exam security topic prepares you for the tasks of configuring and verifying access control for devices, security features for infrastructure, and describing security for REST API. Configuring and verifying security for wireless networks and describing network security design components are other areas covered by this part.

●    Automation
To show that you possess the mastery of this scope of knowledge, proficiency in interpreting basic components as well as scripts for Python, and conducting logical JSON encoded files are critical. Other technical areas included in automation are principles as well as benefits of data modeling languages like YANG. Knowledge of APIs targeting the Cisco DNA Center as well as vManage is also essential.

Prep Options for Your 350-401 Test

Proficiency in the above-mentioned concepts can only come if you manage to identify resources and techniques that guarantee effectiveness in your learning. One of them is the Cisco official course for 350-401, which is available as instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, and e-learning alternatives. Other online resources such as YouTube video lessons, study guides from Amazon, and the Cisco Learning Network Store are also quite helpful.
But there is one other way to learn that is dedicated to promoting knowledge of the testing environment, cause covering the topics through the courses and books is often not enough. Candidates need a way that gives them the faith to work on the exam questions, which are commonly referred to as practice tests. And this is where fully online learning platforms appear. Among them is ExamSnap.com, a site popular for quality IT exam materials like mock tests, study guides, and video tutorials. For 350-401 in particular, this provider offers practice tests that can be downloaded as free vce files. However, ExamSnap.com also suggests another way to get on with your practice using the 350-401 Premium Bundle that will cost you $34,99. This package includes an extensive study guide made up of 2276 pages and a practice test composed of 102 updated questions and answers that were thoroughly checked by IT experts. As mocks from ExamSnap.com are vce files, remember to install the VCE Player designed by the Avanset team to run these practice tests effectively.


Preparation for the Cisco 350-401 exam needs the right perspective. And this starts with the knowledge of the skills to be evaluated by the main exam. This will direct the types of tools to use to launch your test prep. Whether you are comfortable with taking the official Cisco course, learning with practice tests from ExamSnap.com, or working with sources like study guides, the choice is all yours. Any of the certifications highlighted for 350-401 is worth going after. Select the badge that you feel aligns with your career needs and direct your effort towards it.