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Solomon Islands for a perfect holiday

Solomon Islands

Honiara, 22-Sep-2018 (UITV) - There is a need for perfect break once in a while in our busy lives. We have to provide few hours of our lives for our enjoyment to become stress free in everyday life.
So, spending holidays in a perfect place with our beloved people will definitely provide us great pleasure.
Dreaming to visit wonderful islands with truly unique and real cultures?
Then, Solomon Islands should be in the list of tourist places you want to visit in your lifetime.

Visit Solomon Islands for real joy
Describing Solomon Islands with words is very hard; one has to visit those wonderful islands to experience the real joy.
Superb places are present in the Solomon Islands which are worth watching once in our lifetime. Some places are described below.

Bonegi I and II, Honiara

Everyone would feel excited to see the World War II wrecks (destruction of a ship at sea) by diving into sea. WWII Japanese wrecks Japanese Hirokawa and Kinugawa (Bonegi I and II) naval vessels attract divers of all ages and abilities which were sunk during World War II by US forces. Scuba divers consider the Solomons an undersea mecca — corroding submarines, naval planes and other doomed crafts teem with fluorescent marine life.

Marovo Lagoon

Marovo Lagoon is one of the best places to visit. The better way to see the lagoon is by kayak – take a kayaking tour that includes visits to local villages.

Willie Besi War Museum

Willie Besi War Museum is a very popular place in Solomon islands where guns, planes, war machineries of WWII are present. A best places to get the knowledge of war machineries of WWII.

Skull Island

Skull shrines are present which are decorated with traditional shell money of the Western Province, it filled with the skulls of vanquished enemies from the days of headhunting in the Western Province.
By Adithya Dithu