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South Sinai Camel Festival, Egypt

South Sinai Camel Festival

The festival features plenty of entertaining camel racing over several days, where you'll be able to observe just how fast these amazing creatures are during one of Egypt's oldest and traditional sport.

Bedouin tribes often travel from all around to take part in camel racing competitions which are frequent during the winter months and attract many contenders varying in age group from young to old who come together as much for the racing as they do to meet with old friends.

The start of the camel races is often a chaotic one with several camels roughly lined up at the start before the signal to begin the race is given. Once they are on there way cars will often follow directly behind the camels creating plenty of dust as they encourage and try to keep up with the race, by the time the finish line is within sight the camels are usually more spread out and the winner is clear to everyone.