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Sri Lanka rescues 30 Rohingya aboard Indian boat

A boat near Srilanka's coastal line

Myanmar, May 3 (UITV) - Rohingya are Muslim Indo-Aryan peoples from the Rakhine State, Myanmar.

On sunday, Sri Lanka’s coastguard has detained an Indian boat which had illegally entered the island’s territorial waters with 30 Rohingyin it.

The dhow operated by two Indians had entered Sri Lanka’s northern waters after crossing the sea border, said navy spokesman Chaminda Walakuluge.

There were very small children on board and escorted the dhow to a port and provided them with emergency assistance by coastguard.

Walakuluge said seven men, seven women and 16 children were on board, in addition to the two-man Indian crew who had been detained pending investigations.

He said it appeared that the passengers had left India, where they had lived for about four years as refugees. They were handed over to local authorities to decide further action.

Intelligent officials suspect that the crew were trying to bring the Rohingya to Sri Lanka.

The Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine are denied citizenship and face brutal discrimination in the Buddhist-majority country.

The United Nations Human Rights Council last month agreed to send a fact-finding mission to Myanmar to investigate claims that police and soldiers  carried out a bloody crackdown on the Rohingya in Rakhine.