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St Martin's Island, the only coral island in Bangladesh

St. Martin's Island, Bangladesh

Dhaka, 28-Sep-2018 (UITV) - St Martin's Island is one of the best tourist places in Bangladesh, it attracts many number of visitors every year.


Year by year visitor population has been increasing steadily; it is a clean and peaceful place and the only coral island in Bangladesh. Beaches fringed with coconut palms and laid-back locals are perfect places in island to spend holidays with joy.
Interesting thing on the island is algae collection, it is collected and dried from the sea rocks and sold for consumption to Myanmar.


Spending happy moments under the moonlight in St. Martin's Island will be a superb experience.
The island is fairly small – about 8km in length and rarely more than 1km wide – so it’s easy to navigate. Rickshaws are available, but you can also just walk around it from beach to beach.

Many varieties of sea foods are available

Corals and clear blue water of the sea will definitely enthral visitors. Sea-foods here are not only delicious, but also abundant in variation.

Beauty of darkness on island

There is no electricity on this island, so visitors get a chance to enjoy sensing and sighting the beauties of darkness with no electric lights around blurring vision.
St. Martin’s was first settled 250 years ago by Arabian sailors (who named it Jazeera). The island was given its current name from the British during the First Anglo Burmese War (1824-1826).
The best time to visit the island is from November to February.