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Step-By-Step Guide On How To Apply For Dubai Work Visa?

As we all are well aware of the fact that Dubai has the most desirable state of life and a stronger economy. Job opportunities in Dubai are renowned and a free-of-tax salary is a sincere perk of this country. Getting a job in Dubai isn't as hard as you all might think. Organizations spend an abundant amount of money on the employing method which includes visa expense, medical insurance, flight costs, and home benefits. So if you are imagining living your dreams in the city of gold (Dubai) and becoming a member of a multicultural workforce in one of the world's biggest trade hubs, then you will surely need to know How to apply for a Dubai work visa. Because if you don't have a permit to work then you can't legally work in Dubai. So without any further delay let's discuss how to get a Dubai work visa and begin a new life in the City of Gold (Dubai). You can get more info about visa from amercenter.com

Dubai Work Visa

What is a work visa and why do we need it? A work visa is a kind of permission that permits foreign citizens to work in a nation for a specifically defined period. If you want to work in Dubai or wish to do business here, you can appeal for a 60-day work visa. This 60-day work visa authorizes you to land in Dubai and start work instantly. Throughout this phase, you must apply for a residency visa - through your Dubai employer - usually declared for an additional 2 years. You must keep in mind that depending on your nationality the applicable rules might differ. And if you are already residing in Dubai, there may not be many papers to be processed. And to get a Dubai work license before you move to Dubai, the very first thing is to find a job. After being selected by the company it will be then your employer's responsibility to demand a work license and residency visa on your account as they will be your sponsor.

Dubai And COVID-19 Situation

As the world is on high alert because of the COVID-19 situation Dubai is also taking necessary precautions concerning immigrants coming from different sections of the world. Make sure you fulfill the requirements for entering Dubai. Immigrants are required to carry the following:

1. Immigrants arriving at Dubai Airport must hold a negative (-ve) PCR analysis certification. It was announced on 22 April 2021, foreigners must hold a negative PCR test. Visit the mentioned links below to check the list of countries with instructions.

  • Emirates Instructions
  • Dubai Airport Instructions

2. A negative certificate of COVID-19 needs to be lettered in the English language or Arabic (date and time must be detailed). A printed certificate must have a valid QR code. Certificates written by hand or composed digitally will not be eligible as per authorities' instructions.
3. There will be another test on your arrival at Dubai airport.
4. Travelers with mild or critical disabilities and kids under the age of 12 are excluded from the PCR test.
5. Assure to have medical tour insurance with global coverage that incorporates the COVID-19 before moving.

Documents You Need To Obtain Work Permit

You will need to have the following documents to obtain a work permit:

  1. An application form filled with complete information.
  2. Applicant's original passport with the copy.
  3. Passport photos.
  4. Valid company card.
  5. Health certificate from a certified organization.
  6. Entry license declared by the Ministry of Labor.
  7. Verification of payment along with the application fee stamped.
  8. Training certificates.
  9. Expert qualification documents.
  10. Sponsoring company's legitimate business permit.

Procedure For Getting A Work Visa In Dubai

  1. For a work permit, you will have to get permission from the Labor Ministry. It is the responsibility of an employer to apply on the behalf of the candidate. This part must be resolved before the worker enters Dubai.
  2. On getting an approval certification, the Labor ministry will issue the Entry license which will give permission to the candidate to legally enter in Dubai.
  3. The permit is legitimate for only 2 months and enables the candidate to live in Dubai for 1 month.
  4. Once the applicant has entered Dubai, he/she will apply to start the application method to get a labor card. Similarly, for free zone work, the Government of Dubai publishes employee ID card. These cards(ID card and Labor Card) valid for only 2 years.
  5. After that, the candidate must apply for a residency visa within 60 days and complete all kinds of formalities.
  6. Now go to the Emirates ID service center along with the application form and passport for a legitimate entry permit.
  7. The employer will now go to the immigration authorities for a residence visa but before that the applicants must go through for a medical test before that. He can visit any Government hospital for medical tests.
  8. After receiving the results of the medical test, the candidate can visit the DNRD with each appropriate certificate and stamped his/her passport.

Validation of Permit

Despite the kind of work you plan to do, your permit application should be done by your employer. If you will be working in Dubai for 1 month your employer can further apply on your behalf for a short term visa. A 90-day multi-entry visa is also open for those who are visiting for a few months. Only in that condition, you will have to present the documentation and verification of the business registration before further processing of your application is considered.

A student visa is also available for those who want to attend an internship in a Dubai-based company without needing a new permit.

Jobs In Dubai

Dubai is an oil-rich land and has to deal with varying oil rates and international oversupply but as a whole, Dubai's economy is quite strong and there has been rapid growth in the past few years. Dubai influential industries include the following:

  1. Petroleum
  2. Petrochemicals
  3. Construction
  4. Aluminum
  5. Handicrafts
  6. Textile
  7. Fishing
  8. Boatbuilding


Question 1: Validity of work visa in Dubai?
Answer: Duration of residence visa depends on your sponsor as well as the nature of your employment. Mainly issued for 1 - 3 years.

Question 2: Dubai work visa permit processing time?
Answer: Normally it requires 1 week to process the work visa permit but the time period depends on numerous factors.

Question 3: Fees of work permit in Dubai?
Answer: The work permit fee in Dubai is 100 AED. You can find more information on new work permit fees in Dubai here.

Question 4: How to avoid scams and frauds related to work visas?
Answer: It's plausible to face a visa scam when you are working in Dubai but there are numerous good-to-go instances like legitimate employers will offer you a letter issued by MoHRE. Moreover, you can also review the legal status of a firm by visiting National Economic Register Online.

You can also confirm the legality of your license and permit on GDRFA. You can always communicate with MoHRE in any matter. Their contact number is (+971-680277666). Or there's also a contact section on their website.