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A student of St. Xavier's Patna reached World Bank, got a big responsibility, ... Do you know who is he?

Abhash Jha

Patna: Bihar, has got a huge success globally as the World Bank has given a big responsibility to Abhash Jha, a student of St. Xavier's High School in Patna. This global institute has appointed him to an important position of Climate Change and Disaster Management in South Asia. Let me tell you that at present, Geeta Gopinath, the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), another global organization, is also of Indian origin.

He is assigned for the critical responsibility for climate change and disaster management:
According to news agency PTI-language, Indian-origin economist Abhaas Jha has been appointed to an important post of World Bank in South Asia. Abhas Jha has been given an important responsibility for climate change and disaster management. The appointment of Indian economist Abhaas Jha comes at a time when there has been considerable loss of life and property in West Bengal, Odisha, in India and Bangladesh due to the Amfan cyclone.

World Bank's statement:
The World Bank said in a statement that Jha's top priority as the bank's strategic manager on climate change and disaster management in South Asia is to encourage and coordinate the South Asian region's disaster risk management and climate change team across global behavioral boundaries.

Abhas Jha joined the World Bank in 2001:
According to information received, Abhash Jha joined the World Bank in 2001 and has been the Executive Director in the Bank offices of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Sri Lanka. During this time, Abhas Jha has contributed to Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, and Pacific regions.

Know more about Abhas Jha:
Indian economist Aabhas Jha, who has secured an important position in the World Bank, has a connection with Bihar as well. Abhas Jha has been an alumnus of St. Xavier's High School in Patna, the capital of Bihar. Abhash Jha, who is going to play an important responsibility in the World Bank, was working as a practice manager for urban development and disaster risk management in East Asia and the Pacific region until some time ago.