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Sudden fall in Tourist arrivals in Mauritius

Tourism is one of the prime revenues of Mauritius

Port Louis, July 11 (UITV) : The latest figure of tourist arrivals is lower than last month in Mauritius. According to the data, in the month of June the tourist arrival rate in Mauritius was increased by 8.9 % which has been fallen down by this Monday.


Mauritius’ five main tourist markets are India, United Kingdom, France, South Africa and Germany. The first few months of 2017, the tourist arrivals was dramatically amazing and the country enjoyed 6.7% growth in the tourism industry at the same time.

The natural beauty and luxury resorts of Mauritius attract billions tourist every year

But, in the middle of the year, this sudden fall can lead a big problem. This is to be pointed out that Mauritius received 625,859 tourists by the end of the June, 2017. Now the country is looking for better development in coming months, but, the sudden fall is creating little concern on the same.



by Ujjainee Chakraborty