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Sun Moon Lake, a wonderful place in Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Yuchi Township, 17/Nov/2018 (UITV) - Sun Moon Lake is a heavenly place in Taiwan offering a calm nature with its great beauty. It is majestic, blue, misty and Taiwan's largest lake.

Cycle rides
Scooter or cycle rides along the lake side will be a superb activity in the morning and best way to explore the area and get great views.

Cable car
To get grand views of the lake from above, there is a option of cable car which is 1.8km-long. There is also a option to experience the lake from inside, a rowing boat can be rented which would be NT$200/hr.

Maolan Mountain Hiking Trail
Hiking trails around Sun Moon Lake are present, which would be a great way to experience the island’s natural side.

Lalu Island
Itashao village is now eighty percent ethnic Han Chinese and they own most of the businesses. Itashao is located across the lake from the pier area and next to the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway.
In the centre of the lake is a small island named Lalu, and is reserved for aboriginal religious practices, therefore the public is not allowed to visit the island.
So it is one of the superb places in Taiwan, don't miss the chance to visit this place.