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Sundar, Google CEO at IIT-KGP: He is the same old guy from Nehru Hostel

He was at IITKGP ampitheatre and the crowd was abuzz

KHARAGPUR. JAN 6. UITV. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai was at IIT-KGP, his alma mater on Thursday. He was candid and funny and did entertain the students and also encouraged them in following their passion. He told them to experiment a lot of stuff in their  lives and take risks.

On being asked about the academic rigor at IIT, he joking mentioned that these days student who are in 8th grade are joining the coaching classes for JEE.

And so much amount of getting into books will hamper the student’s progress in learning and will not develop the individual in a holistic manner.  

He was also made to remember the way his initial days at IIT went, where he mentioned that many student who had come, had a specific aim to do an MBA from IIM. He advised the students to experiment and follow the passion and do what you love in life.


He was smart, he was witty. Truly he is the man, who got the timing right in his life


In India, it is norm that success is achieved in already set paths and all the students are made or told to follow that, which in my case is not correct. There are many methods of achieving success and in many fields as well.

Sundar compared that scenario of Indian bachelor education with that of Stanford University, where he said that students won’t choose their majors until they are in their final years of graduation. And what he saw in IIT was that student come in with a fixed mindset that they have to do this after they graduate.

Speaking of the stalwarts like NR. Narayan Murthy, whom he met in Bangalore, said that he admires such great individuals who are making name in the global arena.


The interviewer who asked him all the questions an IIT-KGP aluminus itself and he included many questions from the audience


On the question of Education:

Sundar was asked the question on E-education, specially all the wonderful courses from the elite institutions of the world are available online and how does de thinks about such education.

He replied in affirmation that such courses tend to give you the learning that is out of the box and will make the student a  well educated one.

On the education in India, where education is given so much of high importance, he is sometimes even hyped up, so that the students are not made to take part in any social activities


The interview started with humor and ended with Rapid Fire round, same like Koffee with Karan


Sundar on Start-ups:

Yes, he did agree on the fact that you don’t have to be from a elite institution to actually be successful in a startup. Yes, the elite institution might open the first door I the path of success but it won’t make you win on a daily basis. So the myth that you have to be from a elite institution is wrong.

On Cricket and Soccer:

Sundar said he used to love Gavaskar score those centuries when he was young and Sachin Tendulkar had just started played at the international level when he entered IITKGP.

On being asked who is the present cricketing sensation that he follows a lot, he mentioned that maneer in which Kohli is playing is exceptional and having an average above 50 in all the three formats is beyond imagination.

On the concluding point, the CEO of Google was candid and was brilliant cum lucid in encouraging the students of his alma mater in raising to the occasion when required. He motivated them to go out and experiment and take risks and then develop the learning habit in a holist manner.

So log, Sundar, you have been an inspiration

And finally here is a video for you to enjor the complete glimpse of our very own Sundar at his alma mater IIT-KGP.



“This is a special article from the Content Team of UITVConnect in the remembrance of the great man, who got the timing right in doing things in life.”