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Sutlej river in Shimla

Sutlej River

Shimla (H.P), July 9 (UITV):  Satluj rises from beyond Indian borders in the Southern slopes of the Kailash mountain near Mansarover lake from Rakas lake, as Longcchen Khabab river ( in Tibet ). It is the greatest among the five rivers of Himachal Pradesh. It enters Himachal at Shipki ( altitude = 6,608 metres ) and flows in the South-Westerly directionthrough Kinnaur, Shimla, Kullu, Solan, Mandi and Bilaspur districts. Its corse in Himachal Pradesh is 320 km. From Rakastal, with great tributaries vi,the Spiti, the Ropa, the Taiti, the Kashang, the Mulgaon, the Yula, the Wanger, the Throng and the Rupi as right bank tributaries, whereas the Tirung, the Gayathing, the Baspa, the Duling and the Soldang are left bank tributaries.It leaves Himachal Pradesh to enter the plains of Punjab at Bhakhra, where the world's highest gravity dam has been constructed on this river. Its whole catchment area in Himachal Pradesh is 20,000 sq. km. Its vedas name is Satudri and Sanskrit name Shatadru. The Satluj finally drains into the Indus in Pakistan. The catchment area of about 50,140 km. Satluj river is situated above the fixed snow-line at an altitude of 4,500 metres. The upper tracts of the Satluj valley are under a fixed snow cover. 


Important Tributaries of river Satluj :Baspa River,Spiti River,The Nogli Khad,Soan River

History of Satluj River:The Upper Sutlej Valley, called Langqên Zangbo in Tibet, was once called as the Garuda Valley by the Zhangzhung,the ancient civilization of western Tibet. The Garuda Valley was the midpoint of their empire, which spread many miles into the nearby Himalayas. The Zhangzhung made a towering palace in the top Sutlej Valley known as Kyunglung, the ruins of which still exist today near the village of Moincêr, southwest of Mount Kailash (Mount Ti-se). Especially, the Zhangzhung were conquered by the Tibetan Empire. The borderline of Greater Nepal enlarged westward to beyond Satluj River until the tide turned in 1809 and Kangra king repulsed Gorkha army eastward with help from Maharaja Ranjit Singh.