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Sway CEO of PayTM – New office called “PayTM labs” in Toronto, Canada!

He is a champion

Keeping it simple, this man, the CEO of PayTM is very simple in nature. Does he have a cabin? No he doesn’t. He sits with his employees.

He feels that he has to be accessible to each other very easily so that is the main reason he sits with his employees. Yes you can call it an open structure office.

Meet the Bollywood CEO of India

Yes he is one of the coolest CEOs of India. He started out his engineering from Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) from a small place in Aligrah. He remember that he studied in Hindi medium and all the subject in his engineering college were English medium. So he face a lot of dificulties in the beginning.

Aligrah’s prodigy reaches DCE.

His life has a U turn when he came to college. So the time he spent in DCE was the most precious.

He started not attending classes and then the brainy kid he was, which proves by the fact that  he completed his 10th at the age of 12.

He started to fail in subjects. Especially for a student who has been a topper all along his life, that low scores and flunking in subjects, shattered him.

He used to reach magazines which were brought at second hand prices at the range of Rs 5 to Rs 10. He got to know about the silicon valley.

The Business side:

PayTM now has offices in Toronto, Canada. Which is jokingly says “Let Goras earn money for us”

PayTM labs are setup in Toronto. And that was possible when he felt that something like silicon valley should happen in India.

So the real business started when PayTM started with “PayTM wallet”. The huge amount of funding received from Alibaba of the staggering amout $575 million which constitutes 75% of  PayTM’s initial funding.

There has been a backing from Ratan TATA as well. And not to forget the contribustions from the Angel Investors Richie Sandvi and Naveen Tiwari.

First time pitching the PayTM idea!

He said a sentence which thrilled the audience and the reporter. The question was asked about the investing “I don’t invest in the bus or the destination. I invest in the bus driver”

Someone went like this “How does it feel like to work in PayTM?” It’s an open cultural and every team is working on something new. And the amin part is, as a CEO, I fell like I am in my teens and PayTM is my infatuation.

There are three parts as the CEO says

  • Pay – Payment part
  • Buy – market part
  • Save – Bank part

Talking about the competition from the competitors like Flipkart and Amazon. He in a lucid way says that the difference is between the technology and a retail business company.

There are two sections in the type of companies. One is the companies that build products and other is the company which buys.

We, at PayTM will come under the building part. And about the money that is flowing in the country and making the nation follow the path of financial inclusion. So the equities that he purchases are in smaller equities. That’s his strategy!

He is the Swag king..Vijay Shekar Sharma!