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Taman Negara, Malaysia

Taman Negara

MALAYSIA, FEB 1, (UITV): Taman Negara is Malaysia’s oldest park (gazetted in 1938/1939) housing both the world’s longest canopy walk and therefore the grand Mount Tahan (West Malaysia’s tallest peak). Covering 4,343 square kilometres over three states, the park is an absolute biodiversity hotspot. quite 150 species of mammals (including the rare Malayan tigers and Asian elephants) and three ,000 species of plants and flowers, with innumerable sorts of insects call this rainforest home.

Visitors who venture into this jungle are promised an unforgettable rainforest experience, including trekking, wildlife spotting and canopy walks. Other activities range from foam rafting and fishing to exploring caves, bird watching and visiting Orang Asli villages (Malaysia’s ancient indigenous peoples). Mountaineers can attempt the gruelling multi-day expedition to scale Mount Tahan at 2,187 metres (7,175 feet). Discover the way to climb Mount Tahan here.

The real highlight is Taman Negara’s Canopy Walk, which holds the title because the world’s longest ropewalk – stretching 500 metres (1,640 feet) and soaring 45 metres (148 feet) above the forest floor. Canopy observation huts within the treetops allow you to spy on wildlife, while regular information boards explain the flora and fauna you’re seeing.

People are known to identify everything from elephants to Nycticebus tardigradua over here – so fingers crossed you get lucky. Admission is RM5 ($1.20 USD). Pay at the box office at the foot of the cover .