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Taroko National Park, an amazing locus in Taiwan

Taroko National Park, Taiwan

Taichung, 28/Dec (UITV): Taroko National Park is filled with mesmerizing scenery and it is one of the must-visit places in Eastern Taiwan. The name, Taroko, means the "magnificent and splendid" in the language of Truku, the aboriginal tribe that resides in the area.
There are many beautiful spots in the park, this article includes only few which are top in the list.

Eternal Spring Shrine

Eternal Spring Shrine or Changchun Shrine, it is one of the main memorials for veterans. The Shrine is located right above the waterfall streams. Spring water adjacent by the Eternal Spring Shine flows all year round, and the Highway Bureau named it after "Changchun Falls." It commemorates the memory of 212 veterans who died while constructing the highway (1956—1960).

Swallow Grotto

Swallow Grotto, it was formed the erosion of Liwu River and the constant tectonic collision. it is a relaxing spot where visitors can walk on the trail effortlessly. So, Swallow Grotto is standing an obvious stopover for visitors to appreciate the marvel of Taroko Gorge.

Water Curtain Cave

Water Curtain Cave, this is the best place to enjoy the water which come out from various natural cracks on the roof where the water spout. The name itself indicates that this place has the influence of water.

Chingshui Cliff

Chingshui Cliff, it forms the easternmost section of Taiwan’s Central Mountains. To enjoy the dramatic coastal scenery, it is the best place. Unique formation with magnificent cliff and beautiful color of the ocean side by side make up a beautiful view.