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Thalon cave: Manipur

Thalon cave

Bengaluru, Mar 19,(UITV) - Thalon cave, a historical site under Tamenglong district may be a one among kind place which needs a sneak peek. Thalon Cave will offer you goosebumps, the caves are very dark and spooky in nature. The caves are one among the most historic sites of Manipur and supply the primary concrete evidence of the 2000-year old Hoabinhian Culture in India which is additionally found in other southeast Asian countries. A wonderful place for anthropologists and archaeologists, these caves also will catch the eye of the commoner. Thalon Caves were discovered by Maharaja of Manipur, Budhachandra in 1946. There are several caves situated here which are interconnected with one another.

Thalon Cave is around 910 meters above water level which is one among the historical sites of Manipur under Tamenglong district. Thalon Cave is around 185 kilometers from the capital Imphal and around 30 kilometers from Tamenglong district headquarters inside. From Thalon village, Thalon Cave is about 4–5 kilometers so, Thalon caves are often easily reached by trekking which takes around one hour from Thalon village.

To promote tourism, these caves are now a part of the Manipur Tourism Festival. As a neighborhood of the Manipur Tourism festival, 2009 MMTA conducted a Thalon Cave Expedition within the third week of December 2009 with around 43 participants including 7 media persons visited the cave. The tourism department arranges for cave expeditions during which participants from everywhere the planet participate.