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Three Indians killed in road accident in UAE

Dubai, Aug 9 (IANS): Three Indian expatriates were killed in a road accident in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the media said Saturday

Three friends - Aslam Aboobaker, 25, Sharief, 30, and Nazeebudeen Konjimohammed, 33 - died on the spot when their vehicle hit a parked truck in the UAE's Sharjah-Al Ain road Thursday, Emirates 24/7 reported.

The three victims were travelling from the Sharjah International Airport to Al Ain, about 130 km from Sharjah.

The fourth occupant, who was severely injured, is undergoing treatment.

All the victims hailed from the south Indian state of Kerala.

According to the report, Aslam worked as a petrol station staffer, Sharief was employed as a driver and Nazeebudeen was a cafeteria employee.

Sharief and Nazeebudeen had gone to pick up Aslam from the airport in Sharjah.

The bodies would be sent back to India.