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The Tianchi Lake on the Changbai Mountain, Northeast China's Jilin

Tianshan Tianchi Lake

Fukang(China),july 5(UITV):Introduction to Tianchi Lake: Tianchi Lake, or Tianshan Tianchi Lake, or some peoplebe more partial to Heavenly Lake,is situated at the hill side of Bogda Peak in Fukang City of Xinjiang Autonomous Region,about 97km east of Urumqi.With an altitude of 1980m, it's a natural crescent alpine lake. The lake is 3.5km from east to west, and 0.8km ~ 1.5km from north to south, with maximum depth of 105m. The greenish-blue water here is sparkling like jade, just like a pearl in Tianshan Mountain.

The lake is encircled by snow-capped mountains, where are full of straight and wide spreading firs and spruces. Tianshan Tianchi National Park covers four natural landscape zones, and it features in snow-covered mountain, snow-covered mountain, local culture can all be seen in here. This area covers an area of 160km2, reach to Shimen in north, Xuexian in south, Ma Yashan on its west and Dadonggou on its east. There 8 little beauty spots in the park, 38 attractions in total. Besides the Tianchi Lake, there are two small lakes on the two sides of Tianchi Lake: East Minor Tianchi Lake and West Minor Tianchi Lake. Besides the astonishing views, there are fairly a few cultural relics and past sites near Tianchi Lake, and visiters can also stay one night there to explore the Kazakh yurts.

Beauty of Tianchi Lake:In Tianshan Tianchi National Park, besides the impressive Tianchi Lake, there are two more lakes in that area. East Minor Tianchi Lake and West Minor Tianchi Lake.

Beyond the lakes and mountains, there are also heritage relics in the beautiful area. Iron Tile pantheon is located at 700m west of the Tianchi Lake. Sitting in a 4000m2 platform, facing the Tianchi Lake, the serene temple is surrounded by green pines in three directions, leaving its front space vacant. Built in Southern Song Dynasty (1127 ~1279), the temple is a Taoist temple,  
and it has a prominent view for the lake and the mountain around.

Location :Tianchi Lake is situated at Fukang City, and there are generally two ways to get to Tianchi Lake.

Best Time to Visit:Generally, the most beautiful time is from May to August. The prairie during this time is stunning, you can see golden flower all around, and the lake is peaceful and pure, reflecting the shape of snow-craped mountains, with herds of cows and sheep scattering on the prairie eating grass.

Accommodation & Eat:If you want to stay one more day, then there are various hotels and resorts around Tainchi Lake.The price is a little higher than accommodation price in Urumqi; however, you can enjoy good service with awesome views. Another option isaccommodating in Kazakhs yurts. In there, you can not only have a delicious hand pilaf, but also listen to dombra performance by Kazak young man. While in the restaurants near the lake, tourists can also tastes delicious Xinjiang cuisines, like roasted mutton, self-made yogurt, lamian, hand pilaf, etc.