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Top 4 Cricket Apps That Every Fan Should Have

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In this cricket frenzy country, we all know how people are just obsessed with IPL. From placing bets amongst friends to playing fantasy cricket on the best sports apps, people just go gaga when it comes to cricket. Cricketers are somewhat worshipped in India. There is no limit when it comes to knowing about cricket or exploring the game.

Also, people love to stay updated about the latest news, scores, etc. In this blog, we are going to talk about all kinds of cricket apps that would quench your thirst for every aspect of this amazing game.

The list includes a gaming app that allows you to create your own fantasy team and play it and test your skill at this very amazing and interesting game. If cricket has always been your passion, then you must try your hand at playing these games.

The best part is that it even allows you to make money. Just imagine, sitting in the comfort of your home and earning cash by playing these games.

You also need to download some of the apps for watching stats and scores, playing games, etc. You can gain from your knowledge, analysis, and predictive skills while playing cricket virtually. This would give you so much more scope than just being an audience.  You will be much more than just a spectator.

If you are a cricket enthusiast, then here are some of the cricket apps you must download on your phone. To know more, please scroll down.

CricInfo – for cricket news and more

For staying updated on cricket news, the latest cricket scores, and more, you must have CricInfo on your phone. You can check live cricket scores and get so much information on cricket games. This is one of the best apps in the market for your daily dose of cricket news.

This would also give you an idea about how you will play the fantasy cricket games as well. You will get to know the highlights, read interesting and informative blogs, etc. on this amazing app. It has so much to offer.

MPL - for playing fantasy league

The market for playing fantasy cricket is booming by the day. There are so many apps in the market that allows you to form your set of eleven players and then go ahead with it. You will be able to utilize your analytical skills to the fullest. MPL has gained popularity owing to good graphics and gameplay.

You can win cash by playing it in the right way. Indians are playing fantasy cricket for quite some time now and the craze for it is increasing by the day. This is why you need MPL on your phone if you want to play fantasy cricket and win handsome prizes.

Most people use their mobile to play this game and thus, all you need to do is download an application on your phone. As per Forbes India, the country has witnessed a significant surge in cricket Fantasy apps recently.

It is a great way to stay connected with friends while avoiding socializing at the same time. With MPL, you can easily get your winnings via Paytm, UPI, Amazon Pay, etc. You need to choose a match, select your own team, enter a contest, and simply keep an eye on the match. You can check the website to understand how players have won lump sum amounts recently just by playing the game on this fantasy cricket app - https://www.mpl.live/fantasy-cricket/app.

Sony LIV - for watching

Who watches matches on television these days? For live streaming of cricket, you should download Sony LIV. It is a premium streaming platform for watching cricket and enjoying your leisure time. No longer do you need to turn on the TV and fight for the remote. All you need on your phone is the app and you are good to go. Watch the matches, check the scores and make the most of this very popular app.

CricHeroes - Score Your Local Matches

You can even enjoy polls, trivia, quizzes on this platform. It is one of the greatest cricket apps of all time. You can get to know the score of your local matches just with the help of a few clicks. You will get lots of cricket insights from this application.

You can download it on your phone and enjoy it at any given point in time. More than 6 million cricketers trust this app for scores. You can also know about the entire cricket ecosystem, cricket association and the market from this application.

So these are a few apps you need to download on your phone for the “cricket crazy” side of yours. With these apps, you would be able to hone your cricket skills as well. These apps are easy to download and use. Watch matches, form and play the game, win cash prizes and explore as much as you want. All of these while maintaining social distancing.

MPL also allows you to play by connecting with your friends. Isn’t that great? Cricket is a wonderful game and the more you know about it, the better it gets. There is no end when it comes to gaining more knowledge. During these challenging times, apps like MPL allow you to win attractive prizes while staying inside your house, which proves to be beneficial. .