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Top 5 Countries to Visit in Winter

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A growing number of people around the world are vaccinated against Covid-19, so vacations can sometimes be arranged to reunite with family and friends. According to many, winter is the best time of year to take a vacation because the temperature of the atmosphere is tolerable for everyone. However, arranging a vacation in winter will confuse you on selecting the best destination. So we mentioned below some places with beautiful sites and preferred temperatures in winter which will make you curious to visit.


The strange beauty of Finland makes tourists incredible. This country has an immense number of places that can be visited by tourists during winter. The beauty of places like Rovaniemi and Lake Saimaa can captivate the eyes of visitors. The beauty of independent rivers and the view of nature alter this spot for canoeing, swimming, and fishing. In winter, the snow place is like heaven for skiers and for those who love snow. The best experiences of Finland are the ride on a dogsled safari, how to drive a reindeer sled, cross country skiing, and watching the stunning northern lights. Lake Saimaa is known as the lake of a thousand islands because it covers an area of about 1350 square kilometers

In Finland children also can enjoy their vacation. Because in winter Rovaniemi is said to be the home of Santa Clause. The dazzling atmosphere of Christmas and the winter beauty of Rovaniemi make this ideal tourist place for tourists.


Iceland is grabbed popularity as the home of ice and the place fully surrounded by high seas, rivers, and streams. There are many beautiful and scenic places which are considered by many to be the best places to visit. A place like Svinafellsjokull Glacier waterfall is famous for its color. It is amazing to watch during winter because of the snowbanks around and within it. The DC-3 plane wreck site at Solheimasandur beach is also a great place to visit for tourism. Iceland is the only place where we can see the beautiful and colorful combination of snow and plane. Many visitors choose Iceland as a vacation because of this astonishing manner. Svinafellsjokull Glacier, the most beautiful and large glacier tongues in Iceland as well as in Europe. Many tourists also visit the Snaefellsnes Peninsula due to its excellent view to click photos. Iceland is a very safe place to travel and there are several hotels available where you can feel comfortable.


Because of its beauty, uniqueness, and history, many visitors prefer Russia for vacation. But the winter side of Russia is equally as important as the history of Russia. Several places in Russia will keep us marveled. According to history, there is no Russia without Moscow. The cold of Moscow is astonishing and the sparrow hills will make you surprised.

Lake Baikal is considered one of the most famous freshwater lakes in the world. It is almost 1600 meters in size and in winter it becomes solid and signified as the symbol of clarity, just like glass.


For holidays, Canada is one of the most beautiful and peaceful place to spend in winter. In Canada some places like Whistler, Niagra falls in Ontario, Quebec is remarkably charming. Whistler is a heavenly place for skiers. This place is not only beautiful but also gained popularity as a sports place. The falling ice of the Niagra falls in winter reflects the lights of the night throughout the city. Another excellent place in Canada is Quebec, which is considered as the birthplace of the Quebec winter carnival. The carnival is held every February and it is an ideal tourist place to see the traditional culture.


When traveling to Austria, you should not miss visiting Vienna, it is known as the home of Christmas. The beauty of Vienna reflects in the music and in the streets as they lay side by side with snow. When it comes to leisure in rural areas, there is no better place than Oberaichwald. The next place everyone should visit in Canada is Vienna philharmonic orchestra to celebrate an unique new year concert. The city of Salzburg is famous in Canada for its music and its color. It is also the birthplace of Wolfgang Mozart.

By Tarak