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Trading Relationship Between India and New Zealand

This relationship will bring a lot of investment and trade in both the countries

New Zealand, May 4 (UITV) - The slow process of developing a closer trading relationship between India and New Zealand takes a small step forward this week with a visit of Amitabh Kant, chief executive of the National Institution for Reforming India to New Zealand.

Amitabh Kant, A confidant of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Though Kant has no ability in his own right to advance the stalled trade agenda between Wellington and Delhi, but he does have influence in the highest parts of the Indian government.

India maintains some of the highest traditional tariff barriers to trade in goods of any large economy in the world.

The politics of trade liberalisation, especially in agriculture but also in traditional manufacturing such as clothing and footwear, has long proven too hard for Indian governments to tackle.

According to Kant, the only thing stopping free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations is that "we are awaiting New Zealand's offer on services".

To which the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs carefully responds: "Progress will depend on what India is prepared to bring to the table, particularly with respect to goods. New Zealand is interested in agreeing a high-quality FTA".

However, people flows between India and New Zealand are booming, mainly Indian tourists and students heading New Zealand.

However, export education remains a priority for the current New Zealand government and this country remains attractive to aspirational young Indians, albeit as much for work and residency opportunities as study.