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Tragedy strikes newly married Indian couple in Dubai

The woman was a 27-year-old identified with a name as K.K

UAE, April 28 (Uitv) - When he returned, the door was still locked and he broke it open to find his wife’s body hanging from the ceiling fan. He cut the cloth and gave her first aid in a bid to revive herand then he walked into the kitchen and cut his artery using a knife.

suicide note has showed him - “I will leave you forever and will not be back in your life again.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Abdullah Al Hafeet, deputy director of Al Ghusais police station, told Gulf News that they responded to a call on April 20 about a suicide in a flat in the area.

“The woman was a 27-year-old identified as K.K., and she hanged herself using a piece of cloth from the ceiling fan. And her husband was transferred to Rashid Hospital to recover from the injury after he cut his wrist,” Lt-Colonel Al Hafeet said.

The married couple belongs to Kerala in India.

“Husband is now in a stable condition but he will be referred to the prosecution on the charge of attempting suicide,” Lt-Colonel Al Hafeet said.

The woman had started working with a private health-care group hardly two months ago, sources said.

When contacted, a spokesperson of the group said in an emailed statement, “It is with great sympathy that we acknowledge the loss of one of our employees who had been with us for the last 1.5 months. Due to employee confidentiality policies and our respect for the family’s need for privacy at this difficult time, we will not able to share any information. Our deepest condolences and prayers are with the family and we are taking utmost measures to support them in this unfortunate circumstance.”