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Trinidad and Tobago is celebrating 171th Indian Arrival Day

Trinidad and Tobago is celebrating 171th Indian Arrival Day

Trinidad and Tobago, May 30 (UITV)- Indian Arrival Day is a national holiday celebrated in various nations of the Caribbean of different day to acknowledge the first wave of arrival of laborers from Indian subcontinents by British colonial authorities.

This year, May 30, marks 171th Indian Arrival Day in Trinidad and Tobago when East Indians from India were brought here by then colonial government between 1845 and 1917 to work on the sugar, cocoa and coconut plantations.

Often observed as a national holiday in most of the concerned countries, this day is abound with cultural events that indulge the Indian population.

Trinidad and Tobago is multicultural and multi-religious society, and this must become the cornerstone for the full flowering of serious nationhood. The Indian diaspora continues to engender spiritual reconstruction aimed at making reverence for life meaningful.

Despite of the ethnic strains displayed in electoral campaigns, it is heart-warming to see the population of Trinidad and Tobago joining, participating, supporting or celebrating the many religious and cultural presentations like Carnival and Panorama.

Indian Arrival Day must not be viewed upon with scorn as a people whose socio-economic and cultural and religious backgrounds do not have origin from some celestial source. It is an opportunity to encourage the participation of shared values. The nation-state of Trinidad and Tobago is strong because of the East Indian intervention then, now and in the future.