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Trump’s remarks unnerve Indian Americans: Aruna Miller

Democratic legislator Aruna Miller

Kolkata, Sep 7 (UITV)- A Democratic representative and a member of the House of Delegates since 2011, Aruna Miller is on visit to Kolkata and New Delhi to talk about the ongoing US presidential elections, which has generated global interest.

The Hyderabad-born Indian American lawmaker said, the Indian American community is greatly concerned by Republican president nominee Donald Trump’s remarks against Mexicans and Muslims and that Indians were taking away jobs from the country. She said Trump’s statements against immigrants are not going down well with the Indian-American community as well.

“The rhetoric that all Mexicans are rapists and Muslims are terrorists is of great concern to the Indian-American community. He continues to ridicule outsourcing and call centers,” Miller told reporters.

Republican senator Wayne Harper, who is also accompanying her on the visit, however, defended Trump, saying people around Trump were now expecting that he would make people understand his point of view without being rough.

Meanwhile, a group of Indian-American supporters of Trump announced it has launched the traditional door-to-door campaign, arguing that this mode of campaigning is still an effective tool to win people’s hearts ahead of the November general elections.

Miller and Harper are impressed by the high voter turnout in India. “I wish the high level of interest that the people here have about Americans elections was the same in America,” Miller said, adding in the mid-term polls, about 38 percent of eligible voters turned out last time.