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Trump Vs Hilary’s luxurious homes

Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic contender Hillary Clinton

On this Sunday night, Hilary and Trump will be debating on their home luxuries. Hilary, who is on her run to be the first women president of the United States and also, she is the lady who has seen the White House from close quarters. Never forget, she was the First Lady during Bill Clinton’s president rule.

Hilary has lived a democratic life we can say. She has lived comparatively lesser lavish life than Mr. Trump. Her houses goes as below:

1.Little Rock Home, Arkansas

The Clinton couple had bought this home in 2004, on the top of Clinton library. This house was taken after 3 years of Clinton’s end of the presidential rule. It is used as her base whenever she is in Little Rock, Arkansas. For 12 straight years, Mr. Bill Clinton served as the Governor of Arkansas. NYT says that this house has a sparkling terrace overlooking the river of Arkansas and famously named as “Clinton Presidential Park Bridge”

2.Washington DC home:

This home is reportedly worth $6.6 million, according to zillow.com. This price is much more that what Clinton paid for in 2000, $2.85 million. The 5,500-square-foot house in the posh Observatory Circle neighborhood is very much considered Mrs. Clinton’s home and is where she wrote a large chunk of her second memoir “Hard Choices. This home has 4 bedrooms and 6 Georgian style bathrooms. It is on the white-Heaven street near Embassy flow.

3.Mrs.Clinton’s house next door!

Spread lavishly over 1.51 acres, the Clinton couple splashed out $1.16 million in August for the house next door. This house is 3631 Sq foot ranch style home which has three bedrooms. They got this home at a discounted price, which was originally listed as $1.18 million

New York Times, tells us that this house can be used as a weekend retreat for Chelsea and family and also this home can be used to house staffers if she wins the elections.

4.Chappaqua home No. 1

This is the oldest home of Mrs.Clinton. It is in the old House lane on Chappaqua in Westchester country. This is the primary residence, which was bought for $1.7 million in 1999 as her hubby Bill neared the end of his term as president.

It is the same home used by Mrs. Clinton when she ran for the New York Senate. According to New York times, the couple spends more of their downtime here.

Trump’s priced possessions are his luxuriously branded homes!

He’s a capitalist

1.Trump Tower penthouse

His main residence is the three-storey pent house on the 66th floor of Trump Tower. It is also home for his business on 725th Avenue in Manhattan. He and his third wife live there along with their son Barron. It hosts the view of the central park and is designed to look like the Palace of Versailles.  Features include ceilings painted with scenes from the classical Greek myths and a gold and diamond door to greet visitors. A whopping $100 is the price of the house

He reportedly kept about 40 penthouses when he built Trump Parc at 106 Central Park South and Trump Park Avenue at 502 Park Ave. and rents them out.

2.Seven Springs Home

Trump’s summer retreat goes in Bedford, NY. It is certainly big enough to house his entire clan in the mansion. The 60 room sprawling estate boasts 15 bedrooms, two servants wings, three swimming pools and 230 acres of land.

Trump paid $7.5 million in 1996, also with an intention of building a golf course but abandoned those plans.

CHILDHOOD Homes of the two wanna-be presidents:

Hillary Clinton’s Illinois brick house

Mrs. Clinton was born in Chicago, but moved to Park Ridge, Illinois, at the age of three where she lived in a two-story brick house on North Wisner Street in the upper-middle-class neighborhood. Her parents lived there until the 1980s.

Donald Trump’s 6-bedroom home in Queens, N.Y.

Donald Trump’s childhood home is a six-bedroom brick-and-stucco property in Jamaica Estates, an upper-middle-class neighborhood in Queens. The house, built in 1940, has an eat-in-kitchen with sliding doors to a sunroom, a fully finished basement, a patio and an outdoor summer kitchen. While it is listed on the Republican presidential candidate’s birth certificate, it’s unclear how long he lived there before his family moved to a nearby house. The home is up for auction.