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Two suspects arrested in Janie Farman case

Scottish Janie Farman

Port Louis, July 11 (UITV): Two suspects of the Scottish Janie Farman were arrested on Monday by the men of Assistant Superintendent Luciano Gerard of the Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT). The name of thos etwo suspects are Quatre- Bornes, aged 25 and Ravi Fakoo. The suspects have already denied their involvement in the crime. Investigators would have incriminating evidence against them.


Information obtained from certain witnesses was decisive in the arrest of these two men. The latter, who were among the three persons who regularly visited the victim, will appear before the Bambous court this morning on a provisional charge of assassination. The investigators intend to look for other elements that can link the two men to this case and trace the third suspect.



The suspect Ravi Fakoo was first apprehended in Palma. His friend, who was wanted during the day, showed up at MCIT in the late afternoon. After their interrogation in the early evening, the decision was taken to place them in detention. It is not to be dismissed that certain witnesses are called to identify them as the persons who visited Janice Farman.


Meanwhile, on Monday morning, a resident of Tamarin was taken to the MCIT office for questioning. After the suspect's alibis were checked, DNA samples were also taken from him for analysis.


Investigators are also interested in the information they have received concerning a vehicle. This one would have been seen at Brick Empire Avenue, Albion, in the evening from Thursday to Friday morning.


Police Superintendent Daniel Monvoisin of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and MCIT, led by Assistant Superintendent of Police Luciano Gerard, are working with Field Intelligence Office Information in order to elucidate this investigation. A working meeting even took place yesterday between police officers from the Western Division's CID and those from the MCIT in the Central Barracks. Moreover, the investigators avoid mediating this crime, which is closely followed by the British press.


As for the adoptive son of the victim, he is still under the responsibility of the Child Development Unit. The young boy, autistic, is traumatized. He was questioned with great caution. This, in the presence of officers of the Ministry of Gender Equality.


by Ujjainee Chakraborty