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UK’s new visa rules: Will it affect Indians?

British PM Theresa May

Everyone remembers the visit by PM Theresa May, few weeks back to India. There were a lot of speculations among the UK’s lower house that there was no proper benefits that PM May brought out of the visit. They termed it as the holiday tp the Ancient country.

PM May took a lot of verbal beating from her own colleagues. Since she didn’t raise any soeculation about any changes in the visa plans for the Indians, the government of India also didn’t spare time to follow that up.

So told, silencing all her critics, PM May has come out with the changes in the visa rules. Probably there must have been a lot of discussions on this fact and finally the team of PM May has come out with the changes.

Yes, you need time to think over the changes that PM May and her team is going to formidably change for the betterment of Britain, after its exit from the European Union.  

The new visa rules goes in a way to curb the non-EU and Indian national from entering UK and even soaring its immigration numbers. This is going to largely hit the Indian IT professionals.

The UK visa policy which was announced earlier this month said that the applications after November 24th under the intra-company transfer (ICT), should meet the higher salary threshold.

This visa policy of higher salary threshold said that the person should have an income of 30,000 pounds from the earlier values of 20,800 pounds.

The route of ICT is used by 90% of the Indian IT professionals and this survey was conducted by the Migration Advisory Committee MAC. So this proves that the changes has to be made in the affordable manner to suit both the Indian nationals and also the non-EU professionals, as after the Brexit.

So the new changes in the visa rules of UK if that the salary threshold has been brought down to 25,000 pounds, with some exemptions. And the gradute trainee salary should account to 23,000 pounds.

So the countries who don’t speak Indian language, like the countries outside European Union, they have to write IELTS and then the threshold marks will get them an entry into the country, both as a working professional and a student.

And this info will apply to the parents and spouses of the immigrants who is working in UK, will have immigrant rules which exhausts after May 1st 2017.

The Migration Advisory Board said that they don’t see a long standing reciprocal arrangement, where UK gives the opportunity to other national on learning by training and working in India.

All the above rules had overshadowed PM May’s three day visit to India, at the starting of the month.

In the UK-India tech summit PM May said “Britain will consider further improvements in the visa offer. We have to step up the speed and volume of the visas that are offered”

So then, lets look at the implementation part of this new visa rule. Hoping the implementation will not go abrupt as the demonetization rule in India.

May the business and skills prevail between India and England.