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UK Ex-PM lauds Indian-origin Paul family

Swraj Paul and his family

London, July 5 (UITV)- Britain’s former Prime Minister Gordon Brown lauds NRI industrialist Lord Swraj Paul and his family for their contribution to the community. Lauding Paul and his family former PM said their “dynamism and contribution” to the community has changed the lives of many people across many countries.

Brown praised Swraj Paul and his family while addressing an event at London Zoo yesterday in memory of Paul’s daughter Ambika and son Angad Paul, who tragically passed away last year.

“One of the great, special families of our time and our generation is the Paul family. There are few very special families whose dynamism and contribution to the community has changed the lives of so many people, not just in one country but working in many countries – India, America and many other countries to enrich our lives.” said Brown, who is currently the United Nations’ Special Envoy for Global Education.

Brown said, Lord Paul’s generous donation to the zoo over the years in memory of Ambika’s life made it possible for millions of children to enjoy the surrounding of this zoo throughout last 40 years.

Lord Paul, in his tribute to his children said, “Ambika was an angle who changed our lives. After her passing, we had a son Angad, who was born two years after she died. We always saw this as a gift of god for which we were thankful. Angad was full of energy, ideas, enthusiasm and a passion for life. His life ended tragically, far too soon. We will always remember him, just as we remember Ambika.”