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Undavalli caves: The magnificent monolithic rock structure of India

Guntur, (A.P.) May 21 (UITV): Location of Undavalli Caves is in the Undavalli village in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. From the city of Vijayawada the caves are situated at the distance of 8 km and 32 km from Guntur.These caves are situated at the top of the high hills siding the Krishna River.

History :
These four stories caves are known to be found in the 7th century. They are connected with the Vishnukundin Kings of AD 420 – 620. These tropical caves of Undavalli were devoted to the Anantapadmanabha and Narisimhaswami. As reported the historical evidences Madhava Reddy who ruled this region as the lower rankings under the Reddies of Kondaveedu presented the caves to the temple of Anantha Swamy. It is also believed that these caves were used by the Buddhist monks as the rest houses. Some of the other shrines in the cave are devoted to the Trimurti, Brahma and Shiva. These ancient Hindu cave temples holds the great significance among the Hindus in India.

Interior of the Undavalli Cave :
The caves of Undavalli provides the finest example of the rock cut architecture of the Buddhists in India. The most striking feature of the Undavalli cave is the 5 meter long statue of the Lord Buddha in the leaning in relaxed position. Another crucial attraction of the cave is the sculpture of the Lord Vishnu, which is made out of the single granite block.

Best Time to visit :
The ideal time to plan out the holiday trip to the Undavalli caves lies between the month of October and February.

Nature stroll:
Besides admiring the architectural beauty of the Undavalli caves tourists can explore the nearby area around the Undavalli caves. When you reach at the top of the cave you get the first rate view of the agricultural environment. Time tends to be ceaseless choosing to sit alongside the Krishna river. You can also take the leisure walk along the river and enchant with the local people.Tourists can even take the boat ride in the river enjoying the surrounding beauty. After that you can even have lunch with the local villagers in the fields.