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Velo Hora, festival of fresh air and healthy lifestyle!

Velo Hora, Moldova

Chisinau, Feb 12 (UITV) - Motors (two wheeler and four wheeler) run by fuel are gaining more importance in our day to day lives, in terms of time saving they are best but due to usage of fuel motors environment is getting polluted and people's physical stability is decreasing.

Dias for the event
To promote healthy lifestyle, people of Chisinau (Moldova) celebrate a festival called Velo Hora once in a year to mark World Car Free Day (September 22). Thousands of riders participate every year.

Velo Hora bicycles
The circuit of bicycle ride is 20 KM long and it connects all areas of the city. People belong to all sectors of Chisinau take part in the event.

Age is not a matter to take part
T-shirt with the Velo Hora logo and numbered wristbands will be provided for participants, pop stars and other celebrities greet participants near National Assembly Square, where circuit will be finished. Lucky people may get a lottery with prizes of new bicycles from sponsors at the end of event.

There is not only bicycle riding, but also the event is included with other highlights. People can perform stunt riding to show off their skills in a competition of various tricks. Velo Hora will also host a Yard Sale that will come with handicrafts and souvenirs with various themes.

Other cultural events
These type of events which are helpful for good environmental conditions must be encouraged in every country.