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Virat’s comments on building the team for Champions Trophy: Dhoni will be my Mentor

The duo will take India far ahead. Champions Trophy with Virat's Captaincy and Dhoni's guidance will be pivotal

India. JAN 10. UITV. Take the ICC selection for example – it flouted the basic concept of picking an annual team since the defined time frame didn’t follow the calendar year, instead going ahead with seasons (2015-16 in this case.)

This happened when ICC forgot to put in the name of Virat in the test team of the yea but to compensate that they named him as the ODI skipper of the year in the ICC team. .

It is about Kohli, about his exploits in 2016 that saw him rise to the height of batting supremacy, of his team’s winning streak that mirrors his infectious desire to win, and how he has become the one cricketer you simply cannot ignore at present.


The destructive attitude of Kholi and The calm ness of the Captian Cool Dhoni. Team India has got the perfect mix


“He is a very emotional character out on the field. I guess for us as a team it’s trying to get him out of the strong emotional state. I think if you can get him in that state then the Indian team can possibly be a little bit vulnerable,” Australia's captain Steve Smith.

“I don’t have respect for someone who comes at me like that,” said Kohli of his verbal duel with Johnson at the MCG in 2014. “What was said on the field should stay on the field,” he said, about his engagement with Stokes in Mohali (November.) “I laughed when told about his comments. I didn’t know what to say to it,” he said in Mumbai (December), on Anderson’s remark about his form and conditions.

The mighty greats in the cricket area, the Australians have got a lot of respect for Virat Kohli. They say he has the right mental sace for the batsman to have


From that Australian tour to this recent series against England, Kohli has come full circle. It is reflective of the mental space he is in as a batsman, fully aware of his abilities, yet not content with what he has achieved. It is not to say that he wasn’t respectful of the surroundings earlier in his career.

Instead, it is to highlight that Kohli is more amenable to the opposition today.

The secret to this personal growth is the energy he produces, almost a limitless passion for the game. “He is all over the game, he is shouting, he is pointing, he is changing things around, and he just looks very frustrated at times, arguing with umpires even. If I were an opposition batsman, he would really wind me up,” observed BBC commentator Jonathan Agnew.

Yes, there is a magnetic aura radiating from Kohli, which makes him the irresistible force he is today. He feeds this energy to the crowd. Be it Mumbai, where the boisterous crowd stood up to greet him for every run he scored, every run he saved in the field, or simply every time he turned to face them.


The firece attitude of Kohli who has rthe ability transfer his energy to the team and the spectators is immacable


Or in Kolkata, where he unleashed Mohammed Shami against New Zealand at his home ground, and asked the gathered crowd to intimidate the opposition.

They respond to him, unlike previously seen, unlike they have done to any Indian cricketer before him. And it just isn’t the crowd alone, but his teammates too, who feed off this energy. For this dynamism is unprecedented, and the existential core of the cricketer he is. It is almost an inexplicable phenomenon.

“I have always been my true self on the field. I don’t know how to explain it. I am not able to relate to the question in truth,” Kohli said, in Chennai, when asked about the secret to his persona.

It is not to say that Kohli is already a better captain than Dhoni, NO! The demands of international cricket can take a toll over more than a decade of leadership, and like any other cricket captain, Dhoni went through his share of crests and troughs.

He difines his training sessions to be too rhetoric and disciplined


This is the underlying difference in their captaincy styles that, despite the high intensity of the thankless job ahead of him, Kohli might never withdraw into a zone where his energy is quelled.

Kohli revels in this responsibility, almost an extension of his self, when chasing down a total – slowing down the game in his head, dissecting it and attaining the target

This changeover – from Test skipper to captain across formats – does make for some joyful anticipation then, as Kohli gets ready to step into Dhoni’s humongous shoes in the limited-overs’ arena.


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