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Visa’s of 22 Indians are cancelled due to illegal document submission

22 Indian visas were cancelled by the Australian embassy

Bengaluru, Aug 13 (UITV) - 22 Indian individuals in Australia have met with an anomalous situation, their visa's were cancelled by Australian embassy due to fake documents submission.  They have been now forced to return India immediately.
The 22 people who are facing visa cancellation are from Kerala and Tamilnadu.

The three private agencies in Coimbatore district who had involved in paperwork process of individuals are responsible for this situation. All 22 individuals are now accusing these agencies of sending fake certificates to the National Authority Board which were further sent to Australia.
Majority from the group belong to poor backgrounds and perturbed by this situation. Because of agencies fault, sincere Indian people Australia have to suffer.

Shri, an individual who has been standing as a helping hand for these individuals said "Many of these students come from poor backgrounds and don't really know what went wrong. Most of them gave their documents, passport, etc to the travel agent and the agency in turn prepared their documentation for the visa processing. Because of the agencies' fault, the students must now suffer"
"We are trying to talk to different universities, ministers and officials to help these students. According to Australian law, in cases like these a person loses their visa for three to eight years and these poor students will suffer a lot if something like that happens," added Shri.

An inquiry has been called on private agencies who had issued certificates to the students. A proper action must be taken on such type of agencies by Indian government and it must provide a helpful hand for all individuals to face this anomalous situation.