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Wagah - Attari Border Ceremony

Soldiers marching at Wagah-Attari border ceremony

Bengaluru, Aug 19 (UiTV) - Wahga is a village located in the Wahgah zone of Pakistan. It serves as a goods transit terminal and a railway station between India and Pakistan. The place is also famous for the Wagah-Attari Border ceremony held two hours before sunset each day. The border crossing line was drawn crossing this village upon the partition of British India. At the time of independence migrants from India entered Pakistan through this border. Wagah is the last village of Pakistan’s side and Attari of India’s side. 

The ceremony happens at the border gate. The flag ceremony is conducted by the armed forces of the two countries that are Pakistani Rangers and Indian Border Security Force(BSF). The ceremony starts with a parade by the soldiers from both the countries and ending up with a coordinated lowering of the flag. Each evening a marching ceremony is known as 'Silly Walk Ceremony' is conducted along with the flag ceremony. It was started as an agreement of peace in 1986 even there was a conflict between the two nations at that time.

India’s largest flag pole of length 360 feet was installed in Attari in August 2017. The ceremony attracts many visitors from both the regions and also from other countries.