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What every Indian must know – Difference between Indian Diaspora and NRI?

Indian Diaspora

Punjabi folks over in the northern part of India and the Tamilians in the south, all the plans that you people make to go out of the country to Canada and Singapore respectively will make you feel dumb if you don’t the real difference between that of Indian Diaspora and NRI.

The term Diaspora was originally connoted to describe the dispersion of the Jews outside Israel. It's now used in the context of various communities that are dispersed outside their home country. E.g. the Indian Diaspora, American Diaspora etc.

NRI, which stands for non-resident Indian, is a more specific term used for tax purposes. It refers to "a citizen of India who holds an Indian passport and has temporarily emigrated to another country for six months or more for employment, residence, education or any other purpose."

So the Indian Diaspora is a much broader term because it could refer to an Indian living  anywhere outside India who doesn't necessarily even have Indian citizenship. NRIs would also become part of the Diaspora, so that's where the overlap is, but not all of those who comprise the Indian Diaspora are NRIs.

Non resident Indians would be included in the broader term "Indian Diaspora".

For example: A person born in India who has migrated to USA, and yet maintains his Indian citizenship= NRI

His son/daughter is born in USA, is a USA citizen = Person of Indian origin (PIO).

However, both will be included in Indian Diaspora, his son/daughter more authentically so!

25 million strong Indian Diaspora spread across the globe has generated interest for many. The term Indian Diaspora includes people of Indian origin (PIOs). We have one discussion portal specifically dedicated to the theme of Indian Diaspora: Home - Indian Diaspora

Diaspora is usually used to talk about mass migration or scattered populations living outside of their original homeland

NRI means simply someone who is an Indian and who lives in a country outside of India.