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World will listen if India and China join hands

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New Delhi, Feb 21 (UITV): "China is keen towards improving its relations with India" said by Prof Jio Haitao, director of the Institute of Chindian Studies at Jinan University

Prof Jio Haitao addressed students of Panjab University on Feb 19, he said that there is need of improvement in relations of India and China especially in the domain of people to people contact

According to Professor, the engagement of India and China is limited in bilateral relations and interaction is happening in the form of government to government.

"Economic exchange, cultural exchange and student exchange must be increased" he added.

Mr.Haitao told that high-level engagements are essential to avoid conflict (border dispute) as both India and China cannot afford war and misconceptions can be harmful for the bilateral relations.

China considers India as a rising power and not as a competitor or rival.  Indian foods, films are getting popular in China, tourists from India are also increasing year by year.

“There is a need for more economic, political and cultural integration. India is qualified as an upcoming superpower; an area that needs further emphasis is its economy" Mr.Haitao.