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Yesu Persaud, an iconic businessman of Guyana

Dr. Yesu Persaud

Georgetown, Dec 1 (UITV) - Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) is one of manufacturers of the world famous El Dorado rums, established under Yesu Persaud leadership, an iconic businessman in Guyana.
The great grandfather of Yesu Persaud was an Indentured labourer during British rule in India; he was placed on the Diamond Sugar Estate. Diamond Sugar Estate was then owned by Sandbach Parker and Company, one of the original owners of sugar estates in Guyana.

Yesu Persaud served as the executive chairman of Demerara Liquors Limited (DLL) and managing director of Demerara Sugar Company.
Persaud received 28 national and international awards and three honorary doctorates from the University of Warwick, University of the West Indies, and University of Guyana.
Persaud was the first person in the family had passed the examination, his family had celebrated as it(passing examination) was seen as a success for the entire estate. He faced discrimination during high school time.

After high school, he worked in the estate few years where he understood the concept of justice, fair play, the dignity of labour, respect for diversity of ethnicity, religion and culture and he actively embraced and practiced these values in his interpersonal relations and in his management styles.

After that, he had moved to work and study in the United Kingdom and make a new life for his family. He learnt and mastered his trade or portfolio of responsibilities to reach the zenith of business.
On his return from England, Persaud was made executive chairman of DLL and managing director of  Deme-rara Sugar Company in 1975. Dr. Persaud retired from the DDL Chairmanship in 2013.