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You Don’t Want to Miss These Long Hairstyles This Year

Image source lovehairstyles.com

Do you still think that long hairstyles take whole lotta time and require a great styling experience? Well, you’ve come to the right place to dispel this myth. While it’s no secret that long hair has been a natural accessory and symbol of femininity, not all women who have it know how simple their styling routine can be. That’s why we’re here.
Of course, there are lots of complicated long hairstyles that take some time and effort to master. But, the women’s fashion doesn’t stand still — now, minimalism and effortlessness in a woman’s look are what all trendsetters seek. Today, you’re going to see some simple but trending styles and cuts for long hair that hair experts from LoveHairStyles.com have prepared for modern girls. Your long locks are no longer tricky to style!

Which Haircut Is Best for Long hair?


Before you get to discover the latest styling options, you should ensure you’re rocking the right haircut. In fact, everything, including your styling routine, begins with the haircut you wear. Long hair is no joke, after all: as your hair grows out, it becomes more and more demanding. You need to maintain it the right way to keep it in the very best condition, and the cut you choose plays a major role in maintenance.

The perfect haircut, however, is the one you choose not because of the looks but with your hair type in mind. To tell you the truth, not everyone manages to grow a long mane just because they’re not aware of their hair type. If your hair is too thin, the length will outweigh the roots. And if the hair is thick and dense, it may turn every morning into seven circles of taming and brushing out the knots. Well, the right haircut is key.

Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, it may lose its natural volume on the crown as it grows long. That means you should get a haircut with graduated layers that will amp up your soft airy hair and give it a sense of fullness. Such haircuts as long shags will be the perfect option for girls who want to breathe volume, movement, and balance into their long locks. Plus, it’s easier to style a layered haircut, as it has lots of visible sections to play with.

Thick hair

Girls with thick hair should opt for layers, too, to get rid of the extra weight that makes their heads feel heavy. Since there are lots of layering techniques to choose from, you can go for subtle feathers or opt for razored ends. Both ideas will not only give you the needed sense of lightness but they will also make your hair more manageable in terms of brushing and styling. And last but not least, the layered structure looks amazing on dense hair - it adds dynamics to its look.

Simple But Chic Long Hairstyles For Different Occasions


Now that you know that cuts and styles go hand in hand, it’s time to get to know the trendy long hairstyles that have already taken Instagram and Pinterest!

Twisted Half-Up with Voluminous Waves

Twists and waves are a romantic duo that can nicely complement your festive look, keeping your hair in place and showing off its enviable beauty. The best thing is, you only need to wave your hair with a large-barrel curling iron, twist a couple of side sections on the back, and pull the crown for a fuller look.

Sleek High Ponytail

While there’s nothing easier than a ponytail, nothing can compare to its dramatic look, especially if you make it perfectly sleek. Just use some oil-based products to achieve the shine-reflecting finish.

Messy Beachy Waves

As the most desirable hairdo of all time, beachy waves are something you can’t go wrong with. Invest in a curl foam and sea salt spray: use the former before styling and the latter during waving, and the messy effect will be yours.

Tousled Low Bun

When you’re short of time but want to look your best, just give your hair a coat of sea salt spray, twist it low, and pull the edges to give it some carefree vibes. Girly and casual!

Braids + Flat Iron

Another perfect hairstyle for summer that won’t take much time. Braid your hair in as many braids as you want, and then give them a pass of a flat iron. You’ll be impressed by the result.

Top Knot with Hair Scarf

Second-day hair doesn’t look good this time? A hair scarf will be there for you. Apart from concealing some flaws, this styling idea actually looks amazingly stylish.